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Introducing Project Catalyst

What if a company’s current innovations in AI and Automation intelligently fueled strategic learning for their future workplace?

The paradigm shift

At SCAD AI, we have been building AI-powered chatbots that catalyze learners to discover, research and journal knowhow as it relates to their work+life contexts. But, this reactive approach to learning might not be sufficient for us to better anticipate the impact of how humans work when their tasks are intertwined with AI and automation. This is why we are excited to launch Project Catalyst - a human-centric hub to spark strategic learning from automation and AI innovations impacting your organization.

Why, then How

Glassbox AI/Automation (e.g. deep learning models that can explain themselves) can describe the hows behind the innovation - allowing humans to build a better how. But, before we answer the how, we must explore the whys. Imagine a Learning API that streams in intention, design and thought-process behind organizational innovation.

Humans-only dialog

Think about all the innovation that’s currently happening in your organization. More specifically, let’s think about the emerging technologies + tools that are starting to displace day-to-day tasks. What if we could spark learning+behaviors from these technologies that enabled human capital to holistically understand what technology could do v/s should do?

Project Catalyst is designing a lightweight, learning-focused layer (SDK/JS Include) that your organization’s AI + Automation projects interface with to empower strategic dialog & insights for human capital, adaptability, governance and identifying potential points-of-failure.

SDK/JS C6Tv0.5

Our v1.0 spec & Enterprise SDKs will be released (GA) at the SCAD Ventures Annual Meeting in Summer 2018. Follow this repo to get updates.

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